Greening Australia has worked in the protection and restoration of Australian landscapes for nearly 30 years with a broad range of community groups, government bodies, consultancy firms, restoration companies and corporate businesses.

Sourcing, promoting and using known-provenance seed and seedlings of plants that uniquely and beautifully contribute to our regional biodiversity remains a challenge for all of us and we are doing something about it. 

This website will promote awareness about the importance of using known-provenance plant material in ecological restoration focusing on south and central NSW and the ACT. 

The site is an exchange platform for people with an interest in collecting and sourcing plant material of known-provenance, particularly for grassy woodland and grassland ecosystems. We are breaking down the barriers to sourcing known-provenance material - for anyone interested.

We are not providing a retail service, we are promoting our material through networks of like-minded groups and organsitations.  We provide material to those interested in restoration, either through our projects or those of our partners.

In addition to improving access to available seed and plant material in Greening Australia’s seedbank and nursery, we provide a forum for other collectors to share their material. 

Our aim is to develop a one-stop-shop for seed collectors and users of known-provenance material for rehabilitation (a regional hub). We welcome your involvement and feedback.

This website will complement the aims and objectives of other like organisations

  • Grassy Box Woodland Conservation Management Network (GBWCMN)
  • Friends of Grasslands (FOG)
  • Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park (STEP)