This initiative has the objective of promoting awareness of the importance of using known-provenance plant material in ecological restoration.  The website is an exchange platform for people with an interest in collecting and sourcing plant material of known-provenance, particularly for grassy woodland and grassland ecosystems. 

In addition to improving access to available seed and plant material in Greening Australia’s seedbank and nursery, we provide a forum for other collectors to share their material. 

Our aim is to develop a one-stop-shop for seed collectors and users of known-provenance material for rehabilitation (a regional hub). We welcome your involvement and feedback.

 Why does provenance matter?

The ‘provenance’ of seed and other plant material simply describes the source of the plant material, with a known degree of accuracy.  When you buy a car, you want to know that it is fit for purpose, and where it was made.  It is the same for seed and nursery stock in ecological restoration.

Provenance is particularly important from biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation success perspectives.  Locally sourced plant material is likely to be better-adapted to local conditions, and therefore more likely to establish, grow and reproduce successfully. The risk of rehabilitation failure is reduced by sourcing known-provenance material.

From a biodiversity conservation perspective, awareness of provenance is also important.  Species are defined by their genetic makeup – by introducing remote genetic stock there is a risk that local material can be lost through cross-breeding or being outcompeted.  This can result in the loss of local diversity - which can be problematic if those plants are adapted to the local conditions or if those local biodiversity values are treasured by the local community.  


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April 2014

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